Helene Jeanney

Press Review

Helene is an exceptionally talented pianist with outstanding abilities, solid musicianship, excellent technique, and a very engaging personality 

(Gaby Casadesus)

A beautiful rich sound, much passion, great sweep, and impressive temperament 

(Robert Finn, Plain Dealer, Cleveland)

This is a sensitive musician with a wonderful tone and a command of the instrument that is altogether admirable

 (Tim Page, New York)

Helene brings a heated atmosphere to the music, she is inclined to squeeze atmosphere from notes.

(Herald Times, Bloomington, IN)

Helene represents a modestly noble style of music making, winning the audience with her concentration of thoughts and emotions

 (Torun, Poland)

Grace a sa magnifique technique, son sens du phrase et la complexité de sa palette sonore, Helene nous a offert une interprétation magistrale du Concerto l’Empereur de Beethoven

 (France Amérique, New York)

Superb playing, how poetic the atmosphere, simply sublime. 

(Oberon’s Grove, Merkin Hall)

Helene was in no sense an accompanist, but rather an equal partner with the violin. Instantly conveying her command of the keyboard, she infused the Brahms sonata with the same type of growling, snarling support that the composer no doubt brought to the table.

 (Oberon’s Grove, Weill Recital Hall)