Helene Jeanney



February 23rd 2023

Chamber Music concert with members of the NY Philharmonic: Griffin Sidewalk Studio (David Gefen Hall) New York

February 26th 

Piano Duo concert with David Oei: St John in the Village, New York

July 17-August 5th

Vocal coach at the Berlin Opera Academy

August 17th

Concert with cellist Rebecca Carrington in Cahors (France)

August 20-27

Master class and concert at the Chateau de Cremault in Bonneuil Matours (Poitou, France)


Spring:  Concerts for Ukraine in Berlin, with cellist Lana Grun and singers Charles Castranovo and Katerina Suirina

Summer: Concerts with cellist Ariane Lallemand in Nimes and in Bonneuil Matours (Poitou, France)


April/May: China Tour with violinist Roberto Cani (Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Opera): (Unfortunately, postponed due to Covid)


February 8th: Faculty Recital at Hoff Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale, NY

February 17th: Chamber Music Concert at Merkin Hall with members of the NY Philharmonic  Qiang Tu (cello) and Kuan Cheng Lu (violin)

March 31st: Concert at the Mezzro Classical Salon in New York

May 26th: Concert at Merkin Hall with members of the New York Philharmonic

July: Concerts in Vermont with the New York Chamber Soloists presented by Melvin Kaplan.

August 25th: Concert in Poitou, France with cellist Ariane Lallemand.

November 9th: Concert in North Carolina with violist Karen Dreyfus and violinist Glen Dicterow

November 15th: Faculty Concert at Hoff Barthelson School of Music in Scarsdale, NY

December 15th: Concert at the Mezzro Classical Salon in New York, with pianist David Oei